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Fall 2016

Highlights of new rules.  Click on Rules button above for complete rules

  • We are reporting actual game scores
  • Your placement on the ladder is determined by the percent of possible points you have scored, for example if you score 53 out of a possible 63 points that is 84%
  • You can move up or down on the ladder by no more than 4 places per week
  • If you can' t play on Wednesday you may have a bye and will not be penalized, this is because the percent of points you have won has not changed
  • If can not play on Wednesday and you did not request a bye on time you are responsible to get a sub.  The points your sub scores will NOT be counted towards your score.
  • If you need a bye you must let me know by noon on Sunday
  • I will post each weeks schedule by 8:00 PM on Sunday
  • Unrequested byes will go to the lowest ranked player that has not yet had a bye.  
  • Unrequested byes occur when someone requests a bye and we no longer have the correct number of players
  • If the players that have unrequested byes can find subs to play their match that is fine. They will have the 2nd 7:30 PM slot. 

Please click on the "Rules" button above, there are a lot of changes.

Paddleball Ladder League
Bronson Athletic Club
Wednesdays 6-9 p.m.
Sept. 7 - Dec. 21, 2017
Members: $35
Non-members: $80

Winter 2017


This season we are doing a modified modified drop in format.

At 6pm we will draw for partners for the first game.

For the second game the winners stay on their court and split up.

Whoever is ready and waiting for the next match will feed into the winners court.

You can either make the most competitive game based on common sense or draw for partners if you can not come to an agreement on what is common sense.

Score keeping - you should record your number of wins and losses on the score sheet.  

Each game will be to 15 to keep things moving.  

Maximum number of matches per week is 4.

If you have 4 games in you can continue to play with others who may not have completed 4 games before 7:30.

Games to be counted are any games that are started before 7:30.

We will have 3 to 5 position nights throughout the season.

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