Fall 2017 Schedule
Fall 2017 Scores

Highlights of new rules.  Click on Rules button above for complete rules

  • We are reporting actual game scores
  • Your placement on the ladder is determined by the percent of possible points you have scored, for example if you score 53 out of a possible 63 points that is 84%
  • You can move up or down on the ladder by no more than 4 places per week
  • If you can' t play on Wednesday you may have a bye and will not be penalized, this is because the percent of points you have won has not changed
  • If can not play on Wednesday and you did not request a bye on time you are responsible to get a sub.  The points your sub scores will NOT be counted towards your score.
  • If you need a bye you must let me know by noon on Sunday
  • I will post each weeks schedule by 8:00 PM on Sunday
  • Unrequested byes will go to the lowest ranked player that has not yet had a bye.  
  • Unrequested byes occur when someone requests a bye and we no longer have the correct number of players
  • If the players that have unrequested byes can find subs to play their match that is fine. They will have the 2nd 7:30 PM slot. 

Please click on the "Rules" button above, there are a lot of changes.

Paddleball Ladder League
Bronson Athletic Club
Wednesdays 6-9 p.m.
Sept. 6 - Dec. 20, 2017

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